Blackberry Priv Discontinued: Currently, BlackBerry Priv is struggling. Yes, it has disappeared from T-Mobiles online store. The high-level executive has recently announced, “we have seen more returns than we would like.”


Blackberry Priv Discontinued

It is unclear when BlackBerry delisted its 2015’s Android smartphone, though the latest turn of events indicates that the device may have discontinued by the company that newly closed its hardware division and thus began transitioning away from in-house consumer electronics.

Wireless carriers are seldom publicly critical of their handset partners, and the sobering comments offer a rare glimpse into the struggles BlackBerry faces with the Priv, which is the first of its phones to run on Google’s Android software. BlackBerry, once a global leader in smartphones, expected the Priv, which highlights a slide-out physical keyboard, would at smallest get the company back on its feet in the mobile media market.

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The Reason Behind Disappears

The Shop BlackBerry marketplace newly launched its latest sale that saw some price drops of the BlackBerry DTEK 50 and the DTEK 60. The DTEK 50 is currently available for investment for $299 CAD, a 30-percent discount on its initial $429 CAD price, while the DTEK 60 now sports an insignificantly discounted price tag of $612 CAD, dropping from $650 CAD. Likewise, all of the company’s assistants has possible at 50-percent off for a restricted period, though it’s yet unclear whether the so-called “May Sale” will last during this month or if it will end at a first date.

BlackBerry also has planned to continue with its Android strategy. In January, Chen said he expected one and potentially two devices this year working on Google’s software. The company is not investing in hardware powered by the BlackBerry operating system, though.

As for why the BlackBerry Priv has disappeared from T-Mobile’s online store, it’s unlikely that we’ll get an official explanation outside of what we have already told. An AT&T executive newly revealed that the Priv is trying with high recovery rates at the large blue carrier, and so it’s possible that the Priv’s position with T-Mobile is similar.

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