WhatsApp Beta Update: WhatsApp beta, Users can Unseen/Delete the messages. There comes the great news about WhatsApp’s next update.

If you were someone like me, this is one thing which would make you go gladly. Yea.! You may be able to send the next wrong message you send someone. So, no more regrets from now.

After many years of “Oops! That message wasn’t for you. I am sorry!” sort of episodes and many more instances of, “Yuck! I screwed!” regrets, WhatsApp has taken a step. Every time a message was sent, a regret was spelled, a stupidity registered, seems like WhatsApp was listening to it. Finally, Their next update appears to fix this.

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Whatsapp beta
Whatsapp beta

Unused / Edit messages: Whatsapp beta

The social media monster from the United States acquired WhatsApp quite a while back. They have worked quite a while on this new feature. The regret to be saved. Now, the new feature, “Unsend” or “Edit” the sent text is available in the beta version that was released.

Hold the excitement! Just because it is in the beta version doesn’t mean it will be included in the updated air.


The leak was first made by the Twitter account, @WABetaInfo. The tweet claims that the next WhatsApp updates Web 0.2.4077 will let the users send the sent messages within 5 minutes of the happening. Exceeding five minutes, you have to face it. But five minutes deadline is nearly enough to spot a mistake and fix it. Staying unharmed is quite a possibility with this. The revoke process works similarly to messages, videos, and photos. This may reach the iOS users first. But, should happen within the year.

Change of mobile number: Whatsapp beta

The new update has something to do with the change of mobile digits. Previously, if you change your mobile number, the change will be notified only in the group. Much as, there will be a text calling, “XYZ changed his name from ABC to efg.” Your personal friends wouldn’t even be aware that you performed a task. Chances are, they have your old digit believing it to be the latest.

Finally, now if the number is changed, WhatsApp asks you if you should send a notification to individuals too. You can either choose to notify all contacts or can notify only selected ones. Hassle-free I guess.

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Live Location Sharing:

This feature is added in the beta version. You can update your friends about your location by the live site feature. Locating you shouldn’t be a problem now.

Video Conferencing – Rumor:

I would also like to register the rumored part here. WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp calling feature a few years back. Then followed the WhatsApp video calling which is used in over 180 countries. It substitutes Skype in many countries but is not allowed in quite a few countries. Now, there may be video conference calls possible with the next update. No! The makers have no word even about the thought of making this feature possible. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have one!

The beta version is 2.17.130 for Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile users. The size of the update is lesser than that of the previous one.

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