Vodafone 27gb data for Postpaid Users: Vodafone 27gb data for Postpaid Users It is great news for all the Vodafone users. Vodafone is giving 27GB data for three months to all customers those who are using 4G volte supported phones. That means 9GB of data for each month.

Vodafone Delights PostPaid plans
Vodafone Delights PostPaid plans

Vodafone 27gb data for Postpaid Users

This offer seems to be a part of company’s policy to prevent its users from engaging up to Reliance Jio in search of low-cost data offers. The recent offer is in addition to a current offer that gave customers 4GB of data if they updated to the Vodafone 4G network.

vodafone Red Postpaid Plans
vodafone Red Postpaid Plans

How to get This Vodafone Plan (27GB Data)?: Vodafone 27gb data for Postpaid Users

The offer is considering on Vodafone’s website as well, and users should tuck it beneath the ‘Amazing Offers’ listed on the front page of the Vodafone India website. The proposal title is “9GB Free for your new smartphone.”

Vodafone 27gb data for Postpaid Users:

All the Vodafone users can follow the below steps to avail the new Vodafone Plan.

  • To get started, first of all, the user has to click on ‘9GB free for your new smartphones’ link in Amazing offers category on Vodafone’s website.
  • Then the page will ask for the user’s phone number on the relationship in the offer to generate the one-time password (OTP).
  • After the OTP is making, a new page will show the details of the offer. Here, two suggestions are possible for the postpaid users.
  • The first one is standard one in which the users will get 27 GB extra data for the next three months, with a 9GB limit per month.
  • And the another plan is availing for the RED unlimited plans. In that plan user can have 8GB bundle data means a total of 11GB data for every month in one year.
  • Later choosing the desired offer, the page would say that the request has processed in 30 minutes.

Here prepaid users are also can get this offer those who have recharge of 1,2,3,5 and 7GB of 3G or 4G data For More Updates: Telecom Updates

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