Verily releases clinically helpful smartwatch: Here comes the best-ever smart watch for the clinical purpose from Alphabet, the parent company of Google. (Study Watch)

Google Life Sciences which later changed their name to Verily has released the new smartwatch called Study Watch. This watch has everything you need in a smartwatch. You can’t purchase this. Yea.! The Study watch is not for sale.

Verily Releases Clinically Helpful Smartwatch
Verily Releases Clinically Helpful Smartwatch

Verily Releases Clinically Helpful Smartwatch – Study Watch

You will not be able to check your messages in this. No emails, no social media, no calls, no chats. Still, yea.! A smartwatch. So, why is Study watch a smartwatch? Well! This watch does things over than what a smartwatch will do. This will not monitor your phone but will monitor you.

Partnered with the Personalized Parkinson’s Project, verily’s smartwatch is expected to help in most of the health tracks. Though you cannot buy the study watch doesn’t mean you will not get the benefit of the discovery. Yes! The smartwatch is a part of some long projects. It is monitoring a thousand humans by now.

Study Watch:

The study watch can help doctors keep a control. It will be part and parcel of solving many critical health issues. The Study watch looks more like a regular watch. Has a lot more than what you can see.

What does a Study watch do?

Study watch can monitor several sensors. Electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, electrodermal activity, and movement are recorded. Also, the monitor screen can happen over an extended period. The watch collects the data and stores it as encrypted formats that can be used for future medical references.

Verily releases clinically helpful smartwatch


The overall specifications of the Study Watch aren’t clear. Its evident that the processor of the watch is quite fast and powerful to perform all the mentioned clinical monitoring. Another fact is the storage which is also unannounced. Guess the storage as big as it needs to store a process of data over long periods.


Battery – the battery back up is for seven days. That is the most we know about this battery. It has an e-ink display.

The company gave out a blog post in which it says, “While numerous wearables exist in the market, we have a particular need outside of these offerings: namely, the scalable collection of rich and complex datasets across clinical and observational studies.”

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The user doesn’t have to keep syncing the device. You don’t even have to interact with it frequently. Verily also said, “This infrastructure is highly scalable and can serve population studies consisting of large volumes of data.”

The Study watch is a part of the Parkinson’s project which is a multi-year effort. It will soon be a part of a project which involves monitoring 10,000 people. The project would have a long span.

Smartwatches from the mobiles don’t bother about the health monitor. On the other hand, the Fitbit kind of bands has limited areas. Both are quite expensive and doesn’t live longer. Study Watches with a bit more spaces available for the public use would be better for the future smartwatches.

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