Updated systems are safe from NSA hack tool says Microsoft: The US National Security Agency developed a hacking tool and dumped it online recently. It is a spying tool and is a significant threat to a billion devices all over the world. TheShadowBroker disclosed the risk that there is an official malware to attack systems.

Updated systems are safe from NSA hack tool says Microsoft
Updated systems are safe from NSA hack tool says Microsoft

The hacker tool is designed to hack Windows OS which means every Windows user is in danger. It can ruin a part of your system or at times can even take control of your whole system. This will leave you an Alien to your own device. The news spread a couple of days back, and the users were in panic mode.

Updated systems are safe from NSA hack tool says Microsoft

Soon after that, TheShadowBrokers disclosed 12 tools that are a threat. Microsoft has said that out of these 12 tools, they have fixed nine issues already. The settling was done in a long course of time. Some before years and a few recently. The remaining three are a threat to old devices only. The devices have to be updated to avoid risk.

Now Microsoft has replied its users about the situation. Microsoft’s Security department personnel, Philip Misner has announced in a blog post, “Today, Microsoft triaged a large release of exploits made publicly available by Shadow Brokers. Our engineers have investigated the disclosed exploits, and most of the exploits are already patched.”

This announcement has relaxed a million users spread around the world. The users whose Windows is up-to-date don’t have to worry. In case you are using an old version, you are at risk. The security support for the old devices isn’t perfect. Microsoft has sometimes had delays in releasing security updates for the old ones while compared to the attention they give to the new Operating Systems.


Keep your system up to date:

The security update which came out from Microsoft last month is one effective way to maintain things with no threat. Looks like not everyone opted for the update. So, with no doubt, still, there is a lot of devices at risk.

If the Operating System is Up to date, it minimizes the risk of hacking. Microsoft requests all of its users to update their system to avoid any vulnerability to the hackers. Still, TheShadowbroker said that hackers are into many systems with no volume. Many other users may also fall prey to the hackers. Undisclosed vulnerabilities may pop up and that way; there still could be a threat to every system.

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It is a pain to Microsoft users to know that there was some space for a hacking to happen in the OS giant, Windows itself. After all, it is the widely used Operating System throughout the world. The OS company is capable of patching fast minimizing the damage which has to be cherished.

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