Seagate Designs A hard Disk Drive For DJI Drone Customers Named Fly Drive: DJI is the largest drone company in the world. The Official Name for DJI is “Da-Jiang innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd”. It gives unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that also called as drones which are using for cameras, Videography, Camera Stabilizers, flight controllers and flight platforms.  Recently, Seagate states that it has designed a new hard disk drive along with a microSD slot for DJI drone users.

Fly Drive from Seagate

Seagate Designs A hard Disk Drive

Fly Drive - Seagate
Fly Drive – Seagate

According to official reports, The new hard drive which has named as DJI fly Drive is an external drive. That enables drone users to backup files as soon as they are choosing on Location.DJI fly Drive the first product of the collaboration between DJI and Seagate to develop drone focused storage solutions that the parties declared at CES in January. The collaboration looks like- 2TB external hard drive with the outer bumper and a built-in SD card slot.

The hard drive is also USB-C compatible. This is compatible for with both Thunderbolt and USEB 3.1, and the integrated microSD hub supports UHS-II transfer speeds. That’s as fast as microSD transfer speeds get for now through a newer version of the standard. As per the Verge, the fly drives have internal storage up to 2TB which is said to sufficient for 60hours or more of 4k video footage at 30fbs. UHS-III which had recently launched in the month of February of this year.

The reporters also state that the microSD slot is for cards that are up to UHS-II speeds. So we can easily transfer photos and video footages and any other files from high capacity cards. And Pocket Line is reporting that the developer purposely incorporated the microSD slot so as to make from the drone to the drive in the middle of tasks.

DJI Drone Prices

However, the DJI Fly Drive has designed especially for drone users. It is reporting that the hard disk drive can also be used to backup data from a microSD card from either it is an action camera, smart camera or drones from other manufacturers. The UK price tag of this new DJI Fly Drive has confirmed by the developers, but the 2TB model drive will be available in this summer to the United States for the cost of $120.

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