Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-order breaks the record of previous pre-orders: After the big-time dilemma and discussions on whether it is iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7… now the next competition is on the go. This time it is, Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8.

Samsung released their next flagship devices in March this year, and the pre-order started from April 7, 2017. The specifications are attractive, and there went the burn in the fame that came up after the blast of Samsung Note 7. There were talks that Samsung will take a while to get back from the slip, but now Samsung has proved back that it’s the giant of Android.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

Ever since the pre-order opened, though the device was priced as high as it is usually with the Galaxy series, (around 90,000), there wasn’t much of the step back from the Samsung fans. The loyal customers Samsung has earned in years is seen in the pre-ordered units. In total, around 728,000 units of S8 has been pre-ordered as of Wednesday, and this has broken the records of the previous pre-orders.

Close to one million pre-orders for a device of such a price and from the company with such a past triggers the thought, what makes customers want Samsung so badly despite the flaws? And, guess the answer lies in the specifications that Samsung improves with each of its flagship devices. A facial recognition security lock, the edge-to-edge screen which makes the whole of the front side of the phone, the high-end processor, and better memory space, Bixby…I am not surprised about the interest of the customers on the device.

The headline grab specification that Samsung came up with for Samsung S8 is the voice assistant, Bixby. Bixby, the Samsung voice assistant, though wasn’t officially announced as a competition to Siri or Cortana, was worked hard to achieve the spot. The announcement made the buyers feel more valuable to the money paid, but then before a couple of days, Samsung announced that Bixby couldn’t speak English when it reaches you on April 21, 2017. You can talk to Bixby in Korean, which was a great let down to the English customers. But again, the customers don’t seem to be held down from buying the flagship device for this reason. This has been because they trust on Samsung and are sure that the giant will fix things better than anyone like they did with the battery issue of Note 7.

Samsung S8
Samsung S8


Now, moving to iPhone 8, after all, that is happening with Samsung S8, iPhone is in pressure. There are deep doubts on what will iPhone possess that Samsung doesn’t. After all, Samsung is already real, and Apple has its issues on the curved OLED screen. Last week, it came out that there is a problem with Apple’s curved OLED and in its sensor and so the making and release of the iPhone 7 could delay further more.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

As far as the situations say, it’s the Samsung customers that are lucky now. iPhone fans, we may have to wait a few more weeks to know what’s next. April 21 is around the corner and stay connected to find out more on Samsung’s big release.

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  1. Just some clarification that the 728,000 pre-orders are ONLY in South Korea. That isn’t including the number of pre-orders in the rest of the world. So in reality, the number is far, far higher than 728,000 pre-orders.


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