Microsoft launched its new To-Do app: In 2015, Microsoft acquired Wunderlist – the popular mobile to-do list app. Now, just after a couple of years, seems like the users should be ready for a change.

If you are one avid user of it, this is going to be hard on you. Microsoft, on April 19, 2017, announced their Microsoft To-Do. The app is now available in preview. It is said that To-Do keeps you more organized than Wunderlist did. Microsoft mentioned in its blog post, “we will retire Wunderlist.”

Wunderlist counts its days:

Microsoft - Wunderlist
Microsoft – Wunderlist
No, not immediately. But definitely.!

Because Microsoft is waiting for the user response for the To-Do list, they won’t give up on Wunderlist too soon. Only after things get settled with Microsoft To-Do, and the company gets confident over the new product, they will let fall. The new app is also built by the team that made Wunderlist possible. This gives some hope. Maybe, the new app will have things enhanced from Wunderlist while not disappointing the Wunderlist users.

The transition from Wunderlist to To-Do:

Microsoft has announced that the death of Wunderlist will not affect your saved lists in the app. Furthermore, there is an importer that transfers data from Wunderlist to To-Do list. So, the continuity of your to-do tasks will not be affected.

My day:

Microsoft To-Do list opens with “My day.” Users can alter their tasks for the day, and the To-Do list can keep prompting them to finish things off. Every day to day activities can be recorded and be called for later. You will start afresh every day. Still, your undone tasks from yesterday will be in the background which you can volunteer to check.

Intelligent Suggestions:

The app has an “Intelligent Suggestions” feature just a tap away. So with a tap on the light bulb icon, you will get a list which may be added to your list. The list is created by the way you use the app. It is your input that lets the app learn what you may need for the other day.

If you own a Microsoft account, you can use the To-Do facility. Similar to Wunderlist, To-Do list will also be shareable with external services. It is available on all platforms including Windows 10. Microsoft To-Do is available as a preview app on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and the Web.

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