Microsoft Corporation: Not every acquisition is bigger. There happen many small, unnoticed, quiet additions that account more for the success of the company. Furthermore, a chain of small acquisitions is also necessary for developing it more.

Seems like, one such acquisition has happened now. Microsoft Corporation – the American Technology giant, has acquired it. It was doing well in creating an application platform for a new generation of team productivity apps.

microsoft-intentional _ Microsoft Corporation – the American Technology giant, has acquired Intentional Software
Microsoft-intentional Microsoft Corporation – the American Technology giant, has acquired Intentional Software

Microsoft Corporation acquires Intentional Software

Charles Simonyi – the founder of it, was a former employee of Microsoft. He left Microsoft in 2002. Then dedicated almost all his time to making a company which supports simpler programming. Hence came Intentional Software. Most of all, It was about programming in a fun mode. Things went much as it has to be. The company recently was planning to apply their knowledge in team productivity software.

For Microsoft, team productivity is an area still to get a clear picture. Probably, this field requires more about collaboration for which the ideology of Intentional Software will help. Therefore, they acquired it. Microsoft now owns the coding and the coders of it. It aims in better productivity tools. As a result, Microsoft has won over Intentional Software with its 50-200 employees.

Initially, all that Software cared about was to make programming simpler. Rather than coder based programming, this software is believed as user-friendly program codings should happen. But later in the recent days, the focus shifted to, “productivity scenarios for the future workforce.”

Microsoft Corporation acquires Intentional Software

Check the demo video os Here

An announcement from Microsoft Corporation says, “This acquisition will build on the work we’re already doing to deliver the tools necessary to be productive in an information-rich world. This software technology and talent will enhance our existing capabilities and strengthen our ability to add new tools instruments and services to Microsoft’s robust productivity offering. We’re excited about the company’s work on productivity applications, especially given our focus on putting people at the center of experiences and our continued effort to reimagine collaboration.”

Eric Anderson, Intentional Software’s CEO said that this deal “provides an exceptional opportunity for Intentional’s technology to reach knowledge workers locations everywhere.”

Charles Simonyi will now continue as a technical fellow in Microsoft Corporation. Seems like he will be reporting to Rajesh Jha, Executive Vice President at the Microsoft Office Product Group. The deal terms stay closed. In conclusion, Simonyi wrote in his blog post, “I am excited, stoked, amped, and elated to join forces again with Microsoft, the premier high-tech company in the world.”

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