iPhone may Delete 100 Apps on One Go: Are you an iPhone lover? Prepare yourself to lose a bunch of older apps in the newly released Apple devices after the next update.

It is easy to learn about the iPhone usage. We will get thrilled if we study how to upload the U2’s newest album onto the iPhones across the world.

The reason behind the huge loss that the Apple users will have to go through is the difference in 32-bit and 64-bit processors in the Apple devices. The new Apple update iOS 11 has a tool in it which allows it to identify apps written in 32 bits and thus, it can stop the app from running to reduce the system’s bloating. The news isn’t confirmed by Apple yet but is widely discussed.


Long back, in 2015 Apple gave out an announcement that all the apps written from then on should be done to be compatible with 64-bit smartphone architecture (i.e.) it should be written in 64-bits instead of 32-bits. They also added that the app updates should follow the same. This made it clear that the apps written in 32-bits will not be taken anymore into the Apple store.

Previously, all the iPhones worked on the 32-bit Processor and to make the app running smooth; the app developers had to write the codes in 32 bits. After the growth in the technology implemented and all the research that Apple is going through, they shifted to 64-bit Processors and software in September 2013. Still, the 32-bit apps were compatible with the device though these processors suffer to execute. The performance of these old apps in the new phones is visibly slow. The difference between the two apps written in two different bit preferences means that the memory handling is done in two different ways. 64 bit is the effective way. So, Apple has decided to stick to one standard processor compatible manner.

Sensor Tower wrote, “It’s likely that Apple is aiming to reduce the “bloat” and increase the performance of future iOS versions on new 64-bit devices with this (potential) move.”

Most of the apps that might be subjected to deletion (written in 32-bit) are free to play games and educational apps. If you are using an iPhone, first make sure you are using a iOS 10.3 version (Check the Settings> General > About to find out your OS version). Under the About section find and tap ‘Applications.’ Over there, you will be able to find out the Apps you can update and those you can’t.

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In case, you find your favorite app in the list of apps you can’t update, Eventually, you are going to lose it while you update your device.  If the app is countable to you, you can take the effort to contact the App developer to ask whether they have any further plans to upgrade their app to be compatible with the new OS.

On a rough numbering, at least 8 percent of almost 2.5 million apps for iPhones will go incompatible after the update. This is almost 187,000 apps which are being used now.

The new update is expected to unveil around September this year.


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