Intel Developer Forum comes to an end: Intel, the Silicon Valley giant use to host the Intel Developer Forum each year. The Forum was religiously conducted for the past 20 years starting from 1997.

Intel Developer Forum
Intel Developer Forum

The Intel Developer Forum:

The Intel Developer Forum is nothing like the flashy events of the other big-shots in technology. This event is genuinely for the developers working on Intel’s code and products. The event was a typical showcase of Intel architectures. Usually, the recent finding will be discussed. The future of the firm will also generally take shapes in the event itself.

IDF 2016
IDF 2016

The company circulated a statement about the call off of the event. The report says, Intel has evolved its development portfolio and decided to retire the IDF program moving forward,” the announcement reads. “Thank you for nearly 20 great years with the Intel Developer Forum! Intel has some resources available on, including a Resource and Design Center with documentation, software, and tools for designers, engineers, and developers. As always, our customers, partners, and developers should reach out to their Intel representative with questions.”

The company has also said that it is only the official Intel Developers Forum that has been terminated. Intel will keep hosting many other events throughout the year.

The Developer Forum for the year was scheduled in August. Last year’s Forum was held in San Francisco with around 6,000 attendees.

The reason for the shutdown of IDF:

On a big picture, the end card to the Intel Developer Forum isn’t anything wrong. Despite the popularity of the event, Intel decided to shut it down. Back in 1997, when Intel started it, the firm was only focusing on Personal Computers. Today, the focus is vast. The end results are overwhelming. Intel has its hands on VR, IOT, AI and much more. This makes the event impossible to cover the products. Moreover, there is nothing more to learn from the gatherings. Internet plays a major role nowadays.

Also, the company has withdrawn a couple of sponsorships also. There will be no more support from Intel for the International Science and Engineering Fair. The National Science Talent Search also loses the name of Intel.

Agnes Kwan, an Intel spokeswoman, said, “We have a new audience that validates our portfolio. We are looking into more and different events to get our message across such as industry conferences.”

In short, just because Intel shifted its focus from PC-centred to data-centered, they are cancelling the event. Furthermore, the three-day event isn’t sufficient for the vast endeavors of Intel.

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