HTC Vive VR Launched in India: The HTC Vive is originally a Taiwanese company virtual reality headset which has set new benchmarks in prime time video watching. When it was originally unveiled, it resulted in extreme levels of anticipation among its users, thanks to the partnership of HTC and Valve the US game giant that lies behind HTC Steam digital distribution system.

HTC Vive and VR

Technical specifications of HTC:

The Vive includes a display that features two 1080 x 1200 screens that are present one for each eye and its pixel density is meant the eliminate all possible screen door effect until the user looks for it.  Thus the total resolution of HTC vive is 2160 x 1200 pixels that lie in an aspect ratio of 9:5 resulting in taller images that are more natural and convincing. Users can look up to all their favorite videos without giving much strain to the neck.


The screens run at 90 Hz which runs on par with Oculus Rift and is lower than Sony’s Project Morpheus that runs at a resolution of 120 Hz. The device also features a front facing camera to overlay the real world into the virtual one. When it comes to gaming, the Vive opens up new possibilities for augmented experiences, and it also helps users to move around their real world environments without giving the headset a move.


HTC Vive in India:

HTC Corporation has now announced the launch of HTC VIVE, their virtual reality system in India, the first ever complete VR system available for Indian Customers. VIVe would be made exclusively available on and people could pre-book the gadget online from 22nd April 2017. Amazon’s dedicated web link Vive India would go live from April 24th, 2017. Vive would also soon be made available for in-store purchase in selected stores at selected locations all over the country.

These selected locations are said to get equipped with interactive VIVE demonstration stations, which are completely open to the public for individual sessions. This would help them witness a variety of virtual reality content that is supported by the platform.

When Faisal Siddiqui, President of South Asia HTC spoke to the press about the HTC VIVE release in India, he said “ It is indeed a delight to launch VIVE in India. VIVE has completely transformed the way people interact with the world thereby bringing ultimate mainstream experience to the customer”. He also added that “ Both clients and developers could experience immersive virtual reality in a manner that reshapes human imagination across boundaries.”

         VIVE is the first complete VR solution which includes VR controllers, room scale movement and head mounted display and a built-in camera. The device is at present priced at Rs. 92,990 in India, and to celebrate its launch in the country, Indian consumers could enjoy free shipping when they order the gadget through Amazon. Additionally, they also enjoy two complete VR experiences namely the Everest VR and Richie’s Plank Experience.


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