GTA V teaches Self Driving Cars, For Better Navigation: Somewhere soon, we will be taking care of everything with no human resources. One of the human-less attributes will be driverless cars. Artificial Intelligence is growing leaps and bounds. There are high time chances that we end up roaming in the street with driverless cars. Wouldn’t it be nice? You and a car. You don’t know driving, and yet you travel.

GTA V teaches Self Driving Cars, For Better Navigation
GTA V teaches Self Driving Cars, For Better Navigation

For this to happen, first of all.. the car needs learning. The AI needs training. The training that is hard-core. The training which includes everything possible. Every scenario taught, every accident avoided, every pain ignored and every effort worthy. Such training is what will help the existence of driverless cars possible.

So, real time training, but not on the road. That is what was aimed at and there came the solution – virtual environment. Still, the unexpected ins and outs were a big deal and then popped the idea – Why not use the amazing simulation game to teach the AI what it should expect.? Yea.! The AI of the driverless cars is to be trained using Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V).

Grand Theft Auto V :

Grand Theft Auto V, the action-adventure game was released on 17 September 2013 and is playable on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Later in 2018, it was made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Self Driving Cars
Grand Theft Auto 5 Self Driving Cars

GTA V provides various situations to deal with while driving the car. There are several types of cars and countable strategies in the game. Grand Theft Auto V deals with 262 different types of car, 14 weather conditions. Every possible issue you can think of while you drive is available there. 1000s of strangers, pedestrians are available around you, and so there is multi-directional interaction. There can be the harm in any side. You can expect anything to happen and that is what the Car AI should learn.

GTA V teaches Self Driving Cars, For Better Navigation

What if a goat crosses the road out of nowhere? In case, a brick falls from the sky? What if a lady is coming towards your fast car? So many what if’s you could think of are a part of the game and how you deal with it is how the game goes. So, the AI learns how to react to situations from GTA.

Car AI learns from GTA:

The new sets of algorithms are being built for the AI based on GTA V. The idea of pulling visual information from Grand Theft Auto V was formulated by the Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany and Intel Labs. There is a variety of learning to happen in the streets of Los Santos.

GTA is called as “the richest virtual environment that we could extract data from.” Of course, what more than all those different car models, different climates change and unpredictable AI will be required to learn driving in the streets?

Way to go GTA V.!

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