Google Play Music in India at Rs 89 per month: Google has come up with a feast for your ears. The next time you are stuck in a traffic and needs some relaxation, feel free to try the Google Play Music to choose from the 40 million song collections they have. The app can be used on Android, web, and iOS.

Google’s music service is the Google Play Music and nearly one million and millions of devices use this app. It delivers many benefits to both paid and free users. We have to know about this app.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google Play music Store came to India last year. But the usage was expensive like Rs 15 for a song or Rs 100 for an album. The service was widely left unused and have now come back with a bang. This time the entire song collection is licensed to Google itself and costs as less as Rs 89 per month if you subscribe within the next 45 days. After 45 days its suppose to cost Rs 99 a month.

Machine-learning technology:

The Google Play Music is powered by the Machine – Learning technology which allows the server to learn about your taste from the type of songs you play. Initially, it observes your choices of songs and soon will suggest you with more songs of the genre and mood. You can download songs and make your playlist. But Play Music will itself have an offline Playlist to entertain you which will depend on your recent activities on the app.

Google Play Music icon
Google Play Music icon

Music Quality:

Depending on the data you are willing to spend, Play Music offers you four clarity levels. Cheap, average, high and always high. The amount of data will depend on the quality you choose ranging the Always great option to suck out more data.

How to Use Play Music:

Learning about the offer, do you get the urge to subscribe Play Music? It is easy as that. Check whether you have updated the app to the latest and sign in with your Google account. Choose subscribe and pay from your wallet. Right now, you will be charged Rs 89, but still, your first-month usage will be free of cost. You must pay for the second month.

Google Play Music Listen Anywhere 89rs per Month
Google Play Music Listen Anywhere 89rs per Month

To start with your kind of song, choose your language and genre of songs. Listen to your choice of music and wait for the Google to suggest more of your type of music.

Elias Roman, the lead product manager for Google Play Music said, To make the experience deeply personalized, we’ve plugged into Google’s understanding of context and machine learning to recommend the right music at the right moment based on each listener’s preference, place, and activity.” So That explains the ability of the player. It can suggest songs depending on your location. So if you are at your work-out session, you get suggested with the peppy music, and in a case at work, the gentle, soothing music settles you.

The competitor list for the Play Music includes Apple Music, Saavn, Wynk, Gaana, Airtel Music and a few more. But regarding cost, it is Play Music that bothers the pocket lesser than the others. The target audience of these apps are the millions of people from different age group who are willing top surround themselves with music all time. Apple Music costs around Rs 120 a month but gives you a three-month trial session while Play Music has only one month of trial.

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