Google and PayPal are entering a partnership: PayPal Holdings, Inc. an American company handling online payments all over the world has hot into a tie-up with Google. So, from now on, anywhere where the Android pay is accepted, users can use their PayPal accounts. Android Pay, the digital wallet of Google and PayPal wallet and connected and so your payments get easier.

Google keeps expanding its payment methods and partners enabling Google Pay more like a cake walk. Users of PayPal find this new set up as a big turn on. PayPal has been cutting edges here and there to establish themselves as a versatile financial tool. Right now, it is a payment gateway.

Google Partners with PayPal Making Mobile Payments Easier
Google Partners with PayPal Making Mobile Payments Easier

How does this work:

So now, it isn’t necessary for PayPal users to add their credit/debit cards to the Google Pay accounts. The pain of re-entering your card details from scratch is saved by this tie up. Even if the card isn’t saved, you can continue the payment via your PayPal account. Of course, the PayPal account should have credit/ debit card saved.
Aunkur Arya, senior vice president at PayPal unit Braintree, said, “This is the next logical step in our desire to partner with everyone in the ecosystem. These partnerships don’t happen unless there’s value for both sides.”

Here is what Google said about the partnership:
“Millions of people already use their PayPal account to make online purchases, receive payments and send money to friends and family. Soon they can start using the same PayPal account to tap and pay with their phones in stores and speed through checkout in Android apps.”

Future of PayPal:

This seems like a better establishment for PayPal. This enables the company to make firm foot in the pool of mobile wallets. There are a bunch of them today. PayPal could reach heights after this tie up. PayPal has already reported that they have dealt with transactions worth over $102 million. The terms of the new deal were not disclosed.

Google Partners with PayPal Making Mobile Payments Easier

This deal is expected to help PayPal build more of its business. The company was seen as the leader in digital markets last year. Since then, they have been trying to make more room for physical store use.

Your device should have Android OS supported on versions 4.4 and higher, including KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. In addition, PayPal has a similar tie-up with Visa card and MasterCard. Samsung Pay or Apple Pay doesn’t have any such tie-up with PayPal.

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