Google Home Opens for Multiple Users (Magic of ”OK GOOGLE”): Google Home – the smart speaker from the “Made from Google, Google”” has recently decided to enable multiple users on the device.

All this while, Google Home was only one user enabled. If someone else tried to work on, it kept saying, “I can’t do this.” But now, the app claims to say, “Multiple users now supported.” If you are a Google Home user, it is possible that you would have seen this line pop up on the companion app for the device.

Google Home
Google Home

Google Home Opens for Multiple Users

Google Home enables two-way interactions. It has the Google services integrated into it, and so the users can access Gmail, PlayMusic, YouTube and a few more apps. All these can be used only by the one person who has configured into the Google Home. Guess a home of four and what if everyone needs a personal assistant to make alarms, to pull out emails and anything of that kind. It is not practical for a home to have four Google Home devices too. This triggered up with Google, and the process started.

Google Home TasksGoogle Home Tasks
Google Home Tasks

Google Home’s competitor is Amazon’s Echo. Echo is also a smart speaker with enabling voice assistant. Recently, Echo managed to allow its users to add one more member of the family to use the device. The number of users is limited by two in the case of Echo. But it is not the case with Google Home. It is seen that there can be more than two members.

By this announcement, the hidden message send is that Google is enabling user authentication and Google Home will have access to your personal data. This upgrade should also unveil some other features that make life simpler.

Google Home Opens for Multiple Users

Setting reminders, any calendar events are all unique to everyone, and with user authentication, Google home can pull out your personal details and reminders for you. For this, Google could also enable the Security sensitive commands. The trusted user facility would happen with voice recognition. Google would allow the users to say “OK Google” in various modulations and record it which would be later compared to identify the user.

The Google Assistant in the smartphone is much more advanced than the one in the Google Home, and this multi-user option may make it more reliable.

One Magical Word for Google Home That Act’s Like Charm : Ok Google

google-home-google-assistant O n e Word O k G O O G L E
google-home-google-assistant O n e Word O k G O O G L E

“It is not officially launched yet; it is some announcement that we have to let our users know about the next update that we will release would allow multiple users. Rest assured that once it is released your Google Home will get the latest update and notification from the app will be given for you to know that the feature is officially out”, says the Google Home web page.

You will have to wait for a few more days for the personalized experience.

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