Facebook’s bet on Augmented Reality: Nearly three years ago Facebook made a bet on virtual reality when it purchased Oculus. On Tuesday when Facebook conducted F8 developer Conference it stimulated a buzz around new Augmented Reality capabilities.

As per Sources of Facebook Blog

At F8 Conference, Marc Zuckerberg stated three categories of Augmented Realities:

  • Information
  • Digital Object
  • Enhancement

New technologies improved to create new AR (Augmented Reality):

Now again new technologies are used to create new Augmented Reality Capabilities.They are:


Selfie Masks and Filters:

Users can create their Selfie masks and add it to the Facebook data(Eg..User’s location and the objects they focused).Some of the masks and filters will bring the information from other apps like Manchester United, Photo Filter which draws the information from other live updated apps within real time.

If we take Nike, it is plugged with Strava and Runkeeper to create Nike AR selfie.


We can change any flat surface into a game board to play Augmented Reality (AR) game. It is using 3D mapping technique called SLAM(Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). The main work of SLAM is to identify flat planes in the real environment and to superimpose digital objects on top.

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Augmented Reality Facebook
Augmented Reality Facebook


It is used to draw animated AR artwork on building walls or tables. The people will add their personal tags to the real world around them. For Example, A sticky note to wife saying drink milk stored in the Fridge.

Business Augmented Reality:

Potential applications improved this Business AR.

For Example, We will see the list of our friend favorite dishes on the top of the menu while we go to the restaurant.

AI and AR:

AI means Artificial Intelligence. F8 is using different object recognition and depth detection to develop different AR novelty effects. Facebook is using neural networks to detect what is going inside a photo or video and makes us live in real time. The Facebook developers can run their chatbots on Facebook Messenger. By using computer vision recognition of user-generated videos, they can gain targeted insights. The users can make original brand sponsored layouts.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Snapchat as a closed ecosystem costs $800000 a day for targeted lenses and filters. Facebook will down the Snapchat value by using AR.

Platform Agnostic:

We can talk to Oculus, PSVR, and HTC Vice friends in the same hangouts room. It certainly gives the same competition to Oculus, PSVR, and HTC.


Companies like 8i(I am an investor) are working on the Holographic technology.

Samsung Gear:

Facebook is de-emphasizing optimized VR for Samsung Gear. Oculus empowered it.

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