Facebook reaches over 1.2 Billion users: Facebook has again had some touchwood moment. It officially announced that it has around 1.2 Billion users as of now.

Facebook, the social network giant, was launched in 2004, and it had its remarkable features which let its users feel special in a unique way. The ‘Like,’ ‘comment’ that happens on any random post is already is the heart and soul of so many people. It is Facebook that keeps a kind of people going each day. Facebook also allowed its users to share messages. The Facebook messaging feature was widely used by time, and so Facebook decided it would be better to have it as a stand-alone app.

Facebook 1.2billion Users
Facebook 1.2billion Users

In 2014, Facebook announced the new app, Facebook Messenger which should be installed on your device, if you should receive or send messages in your Facebook app. It is to note that you can still access your Facebook messages inside Facebook itself if you open it from the browser. The chat head option, the variety of stickers, the easy sharing of files made the Facebook messenger a logically needed app. People started downloading it, and after two years, as of July 2016, the Facebook messenger reached its 1 Billion users.

Now, in the next few months, it has added 2 million more users. An addition of millions of people into a platform where there are already a billion of them existing isn’t an easy thing. Facebook’s head of Messenger David Marcus said, “We increased engagement massively regarding some messages sent per active user. We had double-digit growth percentage.”

Though the overall grow is notable and cheering, the previous growth chart which took the number of users from 800 million to 1 billion happened only in six months. This time, to reach 1.2 Billion it has taken more than six months. If the first quarter growth of 2016 and 2017 is considered, the Facebook Messenger downloads went up from 145.3 million into 153.5 million.

The main reason that the Facebook Messenger has its set of users is that you don’t need someone’s phone number to talk to them. Just a Facebook name, and ta-da…. You can connect to them. Fine, there is blocking option, muting option and much more. But well! It at least allows you to convey what you want to communicate without having to ask for a dial number. In that way, Facebook is mostly used by teens.

Its camera comes with funny options to make your photo session a much better one. Facebook Messenger recently added a Snapchat-esque rescue camera with funky animated selfie masks and illustrated filters.


Facebook Messenger is getting its personal assistant M soon. The announcement was made last week by Facebook. This assistant will pull out things relevant to your chat. If you and your friend are talking about a trip, it will pop up with all the possible ways for the journey.Facebook Messenger has those number of reactions (emotions) you could choose from to express your thought during a chat. It allows voice call and video call. It has the group payment options too. You can send and receive money within the users available in a group chat.

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