Facebook Launches New Facebook Workplace: Facebook launched its Workplace in October 2016. This is a social media platform dedicated for business purposes. Any company can use Workplace to collaborate, chat and discuss with its employees.

Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook website along with the Harvard College students and roommates. It always comes up with new upgrades to facilitate the users. As part of it, Facebook now launches the New Facebook workplace.

facebook Workplace Logo
Facebook Workplace Logo

Users can create groups, make pages, chat, tag people, share files and do anything as same as the basic Facebook version. But your Facebook account and Workplace account aren’t linked together. Workplace so far was a paid app and the payment based on the mass of your company. It asked to pay around $3 per user for the first 1000 users, $2 per user per month for the next 9000 and $1 per user for the rest. It is already having around thousands of paid customers and is targeting on more.

After ruling almost a part of the world with its Facebook app, the company is now trying to get into business places too. The Workplace is what they found for the purpose. Facebook has released this in competition to Slack, Microsoft Teams and a few other companies supporting apps.

There is a new feature in Workplace for posting job notices too. The workplace can be used on any device like you do with Facebook. Any smartphone, iPad, iOS, Mac, desktops, and tablets can support Workplace which makes it usable everywhere.

On Apr 5, 2017, Wednesday, Facebook announced Workplace as a free app. It believes that the free offer of Workplace will allow every small business to start with it and enjoy the services. It is announced to be free until the end of September. The free version doesn’t include the analytics support, and the administrative controls are not available either. Also, the paid premium allows single sign-on (SSO), secure identity management, and enterprise support which backs the business further more.

Data ownership:

Depending on the type of Workplace you use, the property of data differs. In the standard free version of Workplace, you own your data. Though your whole office is connected on Workplace, you can delete your personal account. Whereas, if your office management hold the premium paid version of Workplace and you are a part of it, your company owns the Workplace data and so you are allowed to make only the necessary activities like messaging, live streaming, posting, tagging etc.. The files you share and even your account is in company control, and you won’t be able to alter any.

Facebook Workplace
Facebook Workplace


Workplace believes that its free version will do small businesses to use it and after exploring the benefits of Workplace, the companies would gladly purchase the Premium packs while the free period is over. Facebook is widely employed in India and India also possesses a lot of emerging small business. So visibly, India is a potential market for Workplace and Facebook is focusing on the same.

Simon Cross, the Facebook product manager, said, “Not every company wants to go through a full-scale enterprise deployment and not every company is in a position to pay for Workplace. We’re making Workplace work for more companies, so it’s a pretty big step for us.”

Already companies like Campbell’s, Starbucks and many other business vendors are using the Workplace to keep their employees connected. This new free Workplace is likely to connect much more with the group making the efforts of companies people simple.

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