Comcast Mobile Network – the American global telecommunications company, is the cable giant which renders its service to over 20 million residences. It recently decided in leaping into the mobile networking world. The start was after analyzing the increased use of calls, texts, and data all over the country and so Comcast couldn’t lose the chance in the industry.

Comcast is trying to jump into the wireless world and shaping its platform towards the mobile phone service. It’s primary intention towards changing its path is to access the Verizon’s cellular network.

Before the end of 2017, there will be Xfinity Mobiles, the mobile service from Comcast. It is leasing a network from the carrier giant Verizon. So, if your home wi-fi network is switched on, the data will be taken from Comcast and in case you are away from the wi-fi signal, you can use the mobile data from the Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Xfinity is launched with more hopes on the existing customers of the cable giant. The other services of Comcast and this mobile services can get bundled up, and that is the catch for both the company and its customers. Its basic idea is to start with the 16 million existing customers who will be able to access the internet, watch a video, stream songs and enjoy the Wi-Fi connectivity on their mobile phones without having to pay for the mobile data.

Comcast Mobile Network Launched

The customers who subscribe the Comcast’s Xfinity Premium Double Play or Triple Play will have the lowest rate to the wireless service. There are multiple plans to subscribe from for a household like Pay-as-you-go and unlimited data. There are two pricing options from which the customers can choose: $65 up to five lines or $45 for unlimited data. The download speed will decline after the use of first 20 GBs in the unlimited plan, and it is said that Comcast is working on how to increase the limitation in the use of the network. The reset will happen after the billing cycle.  If you are someone who uses a fewer data and unlimited would be a waste for you, you can try the $12 per GB plan.

Comcast Mobile Network
Comcast Mobile Network

Mike Cavanaugh, Comcast’s chief financial officer said, “The simplicity of the offer lends itself to a digital-first experience, which is going to be at a very efficient cost to serve, as well.” The additional efficiency for the existing users is, there won’t be any more verification process or extra effort for the billing details and more. Your data is already with Comcast, and it will automatically pair – hassle-free. Comcast has also said that they are not planning anything on the world-wide scale now. This is just a small scale try where the existing users can pay a little extra to enjoy more services.

Comcast Wireless Service Launched

Previously Sprint, another carrier in the US had their plan rates cut off almost in half to compete with the other giants like Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobiles. Today, it’s the time of Comcast. It is also to note the AT & T offers DirecTV Now where users can stream TV to their smartphones. IfComcast should do that, this Xfinity Mobile is important.


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