Bixby button stays dedicated to Bixby: You won’t be able to assign the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby button to anything else. Samsung Galaxy S8 will greet you on April 21, 2017. It is just a couple of days in the mid, and there are still news leaks about the device.

Samsung Bixby
Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby – the voice assistant:

The headline feature of Samsung S8 is its Bixby, the voice assistant. In a competition to Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and others, Samsung brought its assistant. The new assistant was named Bixby and was supposed to debut in Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung was quite confident about the feature. Therefore, It assigned a separate button on the sideline of the phone. The button was a new addition to the design, and one click could connect you to Bixby.

But last week, Samsung said – “Bixby doesn’t talk English. It may take a while.” This was a let down for the device. The voice assistant was ok in Korean. But the English conversations didn’t seem smooth as it should be. So Samsung said Bixby wouldn’t work while the phone is released.

Samsung promised that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would receive an update soon which should enable Bixby. They stated that they would need some time.

The Samsung Bixby Button:

So, after the announcement came, There were a variety of discussions. Will the Bix by button do nothing? Can it be assigned to anything else? Will there be something pre-assigned? Is there anything for user’s choice? Remapping???

Samsung gave out a tweet as an answer a few days back. It said, “Can’t say it will never happen, but we won’t officially support.” It is understandable that a button that does nothing is a mess in such a high-end phone. So there were hopes of remapping.

Now, here is your official answer. XDA Developers mentioned in a post, Bixby will stay where it is, and there is nothing you can do with it. Yes! Despite every suggestion to allow the button for the user to assign – like opening camera, opening a favorite app or something so, Samsung didn’t give up. Samsung sticks to the purpose of the button.

Every time you press the button, it takes you to meet Bixby who is empty. It will have been great if Samsung has allowed a remapping. But on the other hand, I think Samsung settling dedicated to Samsung Bixby is cool. To me, this means how sure Samsung is about its voice assistant and how determined they are to launch it.

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Most of all, the smartphone giant Samsung knows it isn’t pleasing to have a not-working physical button on a high-end smartphone. Still, they choose to do it. Hence, it can be interpreted that Samsung will be airing Bixby pretty soon.

Buckle up to talk with Bixby. Don’t forget; you can hold your phone to your ear and indulge in a friendly conversation after Bixby is introduced.

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