Baidu self-driving vehicle platform: Baidu is the Chinese giant search. Baidu helps to increase the development rate of self-driving cars. It teaches autonomous vehicle technology. From this July a project named Apollo is planning to set all hardware, software and autonomous vehicle technology services.

Baidu Self-Driving Vehicle
Baidu Self-Driving Vehicle

Companies named Google and Tesla included in independent vehicle industries. The Google and Tesla companies mainly work on self-driving technology. Baidu is working since 2015. It always chooses different technology approach. The primary target is to make the vehicles to work in controlled environments also.

China is the world’s largest market in producing car brands. The Baidu company mainly concentrates on developing self-driving capabilities on highways and open city roads. They are planning to improve this model completely by 2020.

Investments on Baidu’s self-driving car:

In September last year, Baidu tied up with Nvidia.They started working on semi-autonomous vehicles. They used latter’s cloud and mapping technology. BMW also tied up with Baidu. In 2016, BMW and Baidu together took an opinion on how to improve the project named self-driving technology.

Baidu developed this vehicle technology by making comparisons with the smartphone market. The software used to drive a car is installed in Android smartphones.

The Artificial Intelligence(AI) named Microsoft Corp Executive and Qi Lu, the chief operating officer working on the Baidu self-driving technology. It had the power to promote social development.All companies like Alphabets Google, Delphi are investing more on Baidu.

Features in Baidu’s self-driving car:

Baidu Self Driving Vehicle
Baidu Self-Driving Vehicle

It is a driverless vehicle equipped with Velodyne LIDAR, video cameras, millimeter wave radar, and a computer. These cars have the maximum top speed of 60km per hour. There is a driver placed in front of a computer screen with speech recognition facility. The driver need not take control of the vehicle. The computer will display the information recording passengers, traffic and obstacles in our path. Baidu already began testing the cars in California. It also received an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit.

Baidu automated driving cars provides more security than other cars with drivers. Finally, Baidu succeeded in providing self-automated driving facility available freely in automotive industries.


The price of this Baidu's self-driving car is going to be $20,000.


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