Amazon is now open for companies who likes to clone Alexa: Amazon Voice Assistant Allows Cloning Alexa, If you are fantasized by Amazon’s Alexa and you think you should make one yourself, it is possible now. Amazon may consider you if you request the High-Performance 7-Mic Voice Processing Technology that is used by Amazon by filling a form.

The Mic voice processing tech from Amazon is called the ‘Echo.’ Amazon is allowing third-party companies to manufacture their Alexa. Amazon expects your product to meet Amazon’s standards.

Amazon allows cloning of Alexa
Amazon allows cloning of Alexa

Voice based Assistant: Amazon Voice Assistant Allows Cloning Alexa

A voice-based assistant isn’t a new concept. There is Cortana of Microsoft, Siri from Apple Inc., Bixby from Samsung (yet to hit the market), Well! yes, Amazon has their Amazon Alexa. Alexa is getting its updates in time and is slowly growing to compete with the other giants in the industry.

Having someone to talk and assist is the best thing in today’s fast world. Alexa seems to do a decent job in the profile. Amazon Echo is the 360-degree omnidirectional speaker. It stands tall in your home to help you with whatever you need. It can help with the weather, get travel updates, order food, call a cab, call anyone you want it to call, set your alarm, and much more. Alexa has many music tracks to play from and several radio stations tuned.
It is a panic note that every voice-based assistant listens to everything you talk at home.  keeps listening and recording to things that it hears for future references. It has this huge human voice library. Anyone who said an “Alexa” to an Echo device, has their voice saved too.

Amazon Voice Assistant Allows Cloning Alexa
Amazon Voice Assistant Allows Cloning Alexa

These features of the voice-based assistants make them inseparable. It is not a new thing for a company to allow another clone it. Original equipment manufacturers from China already did this. Cheap versions of Alexa which is easily affordable if this effort of Amazon becomes a success.

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Amazon Echo – Recent update:

The home-based speaker Echo recently got its First Aid update. It gives you step by step guidance to provide first aid. Saying, “Alexa, open First Aid” should be enough for you to receive ideas on first aid. Saying, “Alexa, tell how to give first aid for fire accident” should guide you to help anyone around. The British Red Cross team pairs with Amazon to give the first aid update.

One thing not to forget is the wake-up word for Alexa. Echo can wake up with any one of these wakes up terms: “Alexa,” “Amazon,” “Computer” or “Echo.” Saying one of these words and flowing it with your question is enough to get the reply.
Amazon is taking several steps to make Alexa available easily. Amazon launched Alexa in the App Store last month.


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